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N-Tax-Npower NTax Training, Website, VAIDS and More

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The Npower Ntax training and recuitment exercise is in partnership with VAIDS. This means that the program is not totally control by N-Power team but are rather just a recuitment platform for VAIDS. N-Tax training takes place only in Abuja onlike other Npower categories where training takes place at your local government of residence which you filled during Npower registration.

What is the meaning of VAIDS

VAIDS is a Nigeria Federal government organization and it means Voluntary Asset and Income Declaration Scheme. It was lunched in 2017 by the government and it provide an opportunuty for tax payers to regularize their tax status relating to previous tax periods and pay any taxes due.

VAIDS in Npower Tax

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N-power rally with Mr Afolabi, Special adviser to the president on job creation

According to npower via its official website ” The Federal Government seeks to encourage non-compliant and partially compliant taxpayers to come clean and declare and pay their appropriate tax due to the government. A minimum of 3,700 N-Power volunteers will be selected to work as Community Tax Liaison Officers to work in their states of residence with the state’s tax authorities”.

Npower Ntax Duration

The duration for this is just two years, this include training and deployment. Remember as earlier stated that Ntax Training is in Abuja, so before you choose Ntax as your preferred choice, you must make provision to go to the federal capital territory for your training. After this, you will be posted back to local gpvernment of resisdence of your choice.

Requirement for Npower N-Tax Recuitment

This is under the graduate category of npower, so you should have an higher institution degree. In addition to this, you must be between the ages of 18-35years of age.additional rquirement include;

  1. Good knowledge of Microsoft office tools
  2. Must be fluent in written and spoken English
  3. Good phone etiquette
  4. Excellent Analytical and Diagnostic aptitude
  5. Desirable: knowledge of tax laws and administration in Nigeria

Nigeria Ntax website, npvn portal to check list, personal information and login

The general npower website remains To check ntax list or want to login into your ntax potal, the website for that is on

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