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The Npower website is used for online registration, test,and also to visit your portal amongst other information. When N-power was established in 2016, many citizen were doubtful of its transparency in choosing its candidates. Now in 2019, it turns out its one of the most transparent govenment program you could get into without knoowing any “big man” or “oga at the top”.

Npower Nigeria Official Web address

The official website is . This is the webpage for N-power programme, but dont rely on this website for prompt information. Most official information is being done via N-power social media pages. These are;

On N-power webpage, you can write test and log into your npower portal. You could also get some news if npower recuitment has started, check result as well as list. portal for 2017, 2018, 2019

To login to your npower portal or dashboard (npvn login) to view your profile, whether for 2017, 2018 0r 2019, the website is


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